Tell me why after all this time
Is the light hiding in your eyes?
Do I see promises never made
Or is it just a sweet surprise?

Make me high - make me low
Make it stop or come on
Let the damn thing go
I am hanging on your heart
Make me love or fall apart
Come on make me

Talk to me, tell me now, tell me true
Tell me what you wanna do
Are we gonna go on one by one
Or do we go two by two?


I need a place to lay my head
And take your wine onto my tongue
Pick me up and shake me shake me down
I need your heart to hear my song

Hold me now - see by me
Or let me go - open up your hand and set me free
Like a dandelion - like a hitcher on the wind
Set me free again, set me free again
Set me free, free, free again


Make me fly - make me fall
Make me everything or make me nothing at all
I am hanging on your heart
Let me love or fall apart
Come on make me
Come on make me

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