You haunt my room in the dead of night
I see your face in the firelight
Your hungry kiss I can’t forget- but I won’t give it to you yet

You got moves that make a good girl sweat
You won’t catch me in your net
You work your magic on my blues,
but I’m no slave for you to use
I won’t beg and I won’t crawl
I won’t be your voodoo doll

Baby I won’t be your voodoo doll

Stirring up a potion of colors make me crazy
You got something I can’t leave alone.
Shaking me, making me tremble,
you’re calling me baby
Heaven help me turn my heart to stone.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah,

Hey moon man, don’t shine on me.
You are dangerous company.
I got treasure in my chest and the price is high for all the rest
Ain’t no snake inside my wall.
I won’t be your voodoo doll

Baby, I won’t be your voodoo doll

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