On a day like today, when my eyes looked far away
And when all you say is wrong
I just need a place to hide away and face
Those feelings coming on so strong
Let me be alone let me be alone
And don`t you try to understand
Let me have the pain let me have the pain
Let me have it, it might help me to decide
How to tell you something I can no longer hide

There has been a time, there has been a time
Now I call it good old yesterday
There has been a time, there has been a time
I found all around me black or white in a way
Nothing in between black was black as night as far as I know
Nothing in between white was even whiter then the wintersnow

Have a look inside my mind,only doubts are there to find now
No more yes or no`s like then
I knew it all so wel `bout love and god and hell you know
I felt like a grownup man
Now I see the rain, now I see the rain
Through the shining of the sun
Now I feel the pain, now I feel the pain
Now I feel the pain of loosing what I had
My love for you has gone
My love for you is dead

There has been a time............................

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