don`t try to fool me, `cause I feel it
don`t play that crying-eyes game
and don`t ask me how I came to know it
it turned me upside down
it turned me inside out
how can I ever see that boy and feel the same

how could I know that you`ve been lying
how could you hide it all the time
how proud was I when we got our baby
you made a fool of me
our baby proved to be
your son allright but never was a son of mine

how do you see us going on
don`t you believe it being wrong
say goodbye, say goodbye

stay in my life, why don`t you stay in my life
I need you to love you so stay in my life
don`t let me down and we`ll be getting around
I need you forever and one more day
and together we`ll survive

what am I supposed to do if I were loosing you
what am I to say if you were gone away
wou are all I have and hearing little Joey laugh

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