Way back, take a look, she would cook
When they were stompin' at the Savoy
She would blow, and they would dance, don't you know ?
It was an uptown kind a show

Cool notes and melodies, harmonies
She sang the song of the universe
She can make a joyful noise up to heaven
And call the angels down to the earth

From jazz, to swing, to be-bop
She kept the spirit alive
For Bo, Duke, Dizzy, and Miles
She spoke her mind
She's Ellamental to the art
She spoke her mind
She's Ellamental to the art

Too hot, until the dawn she sang on
When joints were jumpin' and jive was in
Bodies movin' back and forth to the rhythm
Ever since Ella first did her thing

From jazz, to swing to be-bop
She brought emotions and moves
She kept the spirit alive.
She spoke her mind

Act like ya know, Oh!
Was it the smooth tones that was so much like butter
Oh Ella was singin' just like no other singer
Cause you know I be the funky bringer of the new style
because I be the wild child.
Listenin' to hip-hop, listening to be-bop and jazz
Ella made you move that ass
Sensation for the people, insperation for the sisters and brothers
Smooth jazz for the midnight lovers
Savoy was the spot for shakin' on your rump and
Ella made it hoppin'
Got the joint jumpin', remembering you 'til the dawn
Because Ella your memory goes on

She spoke her mind (yeah...and it just don't stop)
She's Ellamental to the art (the memory goes on and on...'cause it just don't stop)
She spoke her mind (...yeah..jazz to the bebop)
She's Ellamental to the art
She spoke her mind..(yeah...much love...)
She spoke her mind...

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