Every year lasted too long, with Easter bunnies, birthday cards,
And seaside outings in the summer, only to break the long
Gap of time that stretched between the one and the other

Christmas in the sixties was fine
With candles, goodies, presents, and wine
'Peace on Earth' was real, it seemed
And LOVE a word as yet not obscene, no no

Watching the season parade
Dying trees, and neon spars, and plastic Santas
For a penny urging to celebrate, ding dong ding dong
Here comes another, christmas

Christmas was a jolly old time
With Billy Smart's and Auld Lang Syne
'Peace on Earth' was real, it seemed
And LOVE a word as yet not obscene, no, no

Christmas tree smell and those silvery bells
Christmas was a friend of mine

Aaaaaahhhhhhh ..
Pa pa pam pam paadam, pa pa pam pam paadam

Christmas was a friend, o'mine
Merry-, merry-, merry-, merry-, merry Christmas

All around the world, christ-mas-time - and
Everybody have a good time coming in top to me yeah
Christmas time is here again
Been around since you-know-when
Happy New Year Happy New Year
I hope that everyone all have a happy New Year

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