Another constellation dies
Do what you want 'cause it's your own sky
Just call me when the phone stops ringing
Thanks for coming by
I'm just glad I'm on your good side
Where it's smoldering or freezing
It's never all that easy to decide

This is the land of a thousand words
But it seems so few are worth the breath to say
Except i'll be looking after my own world
And you just keep on saving the day
I'll try to stay but it's in vain when you're far
I'm on the run to wherever you are

And that's the nature of the chase
You fall so far behind you end in first place
Pass the torch this time we're running to each's own regret
There's no harm in playing hard to get
Boundlessness deceives me
Baby you may turn the corner yet

I'm a'gonna do everything I say
Tried to stay but time is runnin' out
But now i'm on my way

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