On Waterloo Bridge, you got lost in the fog
Performing a crazy monologue
About love and luck
And do they coincide?
And how you can feel disqualified
With no room for manoeuvre
And all routes explored
Because you're ignored

You're hoping for a miracle

To get you out of here
Hoping for a miracle
A miraculous career
Where everyone loves you
Everyone wants you
A photo on their phone
You're on the rebound
Life is a playground
A taxi takes you home
You're hoping for a miracle
Still hoping for a miracle
With no room for manoeuvre
No room for manoeuvre

A meadow in Oxford where you sat in the sun
Those were the days you had just begun
Firing verbal shots like a Tommy Gun
In the expectation you'd be number one
A child of the sun, a leader of men
You know, not if, but when

You're hoping for a miracle
To run and win the race
Hoping for a miracle
To earn a famous face
Everyone loves you
Everyone needs you
You've got what it takes
You're everywhere now
You have the know-how
And all the money it makes
Hoping for a miracle
Still hoping for a miracle
With no thought of surrender
No thought of surrender

No thought of surrender
No room for manoeuvre
Hello, hello, is anybody out there?
You need a break, you could take it from anywhere
Could they beam you out of here?

Hoping for a miracle
Been waiting too long
You're hoping for a miracle
To help you carry on
When nobody loves you
Nobody needs you
You're out here on your own (You're out here on your own)
Who can you turn to?
Where can you run to?
There's nowhere you call home (There's nowhere you call home)
You're hoping for a miracle
Still hoping for a miracle
With no room for manoeuvre
No room for manoeuvre

It's been this way since life began
The child lives on inside the man
You have to eat, you have to sleep
You sometimes feel you're in too deep

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