I see mushrooms, atomic mushrooms. I see rockets, missiles in the sky.
Poor world, poor world.

Concrete's rising up, where yearerday was park you heard the robin's song
Heavy tractor runs where air was clean and cool make money, bringing fuel.

Where will this lead to and what is this good for ?
A poor world, poor world.

Fishes doomed to die as people live close by and oaktree falls with moon
Parking lots will come with flowerfields were bright as junkyard covers sight!

Where will this lead to and what is this good for ?
Poor world is hurting bad, poor world is doomed to die.

We kill the world - Kill the world
We surely do - In peace we do!
We kill the world - Kill the world
'cause we don't know - What we are doing !

We kill it - One by one - Don't realize !

And nuclear piles stand like monuments of destruction throughout over the country

Promenades must go so cars can drive in row new fact'ry towers tall
Farmhouse had to fall no flowers in the air pollution everywhere.

Where will this lead to and what is this good for ?
A poor world, poor world.


Oceans in despair
There's rubbish everywhere
The seaweed chokes in mud
Nature's had her lot
With nuclear waste and rot
And mushrooms bloom as clouds.

Where will this lead to
And what is this good for?
Poor world, is hurting bad,
Poor world, is doomed to die.


Don't kill the world
Don't let her down.
Do not destroy basic ground.
Don't kill the world
Our means of life.
Lend ear to nature's cry.

Don't kill the world
She's all we have,
And surely is worth to save.
Don't let her die,
Fight for her trees,
Pollution robs air to breathe.

Don't kill the world
Help her survive
And she'll reward you with life
And don't just talk,
Go on and do the one, who wins is you.

Cherish the world,
A present from god
On behalf of all creatures,
Made by the lord
Care for the earth,
Foundation of life
Slow progress down help her survive

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