Get ready, get down
Yet another round
Weekend coming up
In this funky town

Homeboys and homegirls
Shaking loose
Some come to be seen
Some come to drink juice

Some get it
Some get more than enough
Some don't, you can tell
'Cause they always play tough

For a lady, four o'clock
Cracked up, backed up
Against the wall
Some get smacked up

But no matter what you do
You know the name of the game
Yo, we all came for the same

Shaking, breaking
Girl, shaking
Get on the dance floor
And I'll take in

Our affinity to rock it
And pump it up
The funky rhythm makes me go
And I just can't stop

Don't hang on the walls
What's the matter with you people
I don't take no crap

Come on, baby, get serious, yeah
Come on, baby, get serious
Come on, come on, come on, yeah
Come on

Don't matter how fast you walk
I'm faster
Don't let it get to you
I'm the master

Turn up the bass and get acquainted
When I get into the wax of the groove
Yo, I admit that I'm a hitman
And a rap man, some people even think
That I'm tougher than Batman

I'm in action, main attraction
Come at ya like?

Don't stand there waiting
Get your feet to the floor
Yo, you know me
You'll be back for more

'Cause the law of nature
Homeboys and homegirls
Getting beat?

I brought the mic
That makes you go whack
If that'll make you happy
You're on the wrong track

Scram or jam
Get set or miss it
It's simple as that
I don't take no crap

[Repeat CHORUS]

When I'm rocking the mic
You can be just what you wanna be
Party killing
Accept that I'm your enemy

Spread the word
I'll get to you someday
You can't resist
No matter what some say

Non-stop hip-hop
Yo, listen up
Nobody's stopping me now
You're on my list and uh

You can't get off the hook
'Cause you're already shook
I'm gonna shake it some more
Take you around and look

You got to realize
I got the best setup
Inclination with the mix
I make you get up

Your reaction to my go go attraction
Is uh, body and soul interaction

And if it's too fast for you
You're too slow for me
You got to learn to keep up
Else go home and be

Turning back?
Suffer from jet lag
Yo, mack, I don't take no crap

[Repeat CHORUS 2x]

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