Oooooh-- Put your loving hand out, baby
I'm beggin'

Beggin', beggin' you
Put your loving hand out baby
Beggin', beggin' you
Put your loving hand out darlin'

Riding high when I was king
Played it hard and fast
Cause I had everything
You walked away, won me then
But easy come and easy go
And it would end

So why anytime I bleed, you let me go
Anytime I feed you get me know
Anytime I seek you let me know
But, I plan and see just let me go
I'm on my knees when I'm (begging)
Cause i don't want to lose (you)
I got my arms so spread
I hope that my heart gets fed
matter of fact girl I'm beggin'


I need you, (yeeah) to understand
Tried so hard to be your man
The kind of man you want in the end
Only then can I begin to live again

An empty shell I used to be
Shadow of my life was hangin' over me
A broken man but I don't know
Won't even stand the devils chance to win my soul

What we doin'? Why we chasin'?
Why the bottom, why the basement
Why we got good shit don’t embrace it
Why the feel for the need to replace me
Your the wrong way track from the good
I want to paint in a picture telling where we could be at
Like a heart in the best way should
You can give it the away, you had it and you took the pay
But I keep walking on, keep opening doors
Keep hoping for that the door is yours
Keep also home, cause I don't want to live in a broken home, girl I am begging


I'm fighting hard to hold my own
No, I just can't make it all alone
I'm holdin' on I can't fall back
I'm just a con 'bout to fade to black
Is a shade of black


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