I gave passes to boarder, gave my bags straight to the porter
Gave my zipper as a guiding light
I see smoke upon the water, said the sailor to the daughter
Well I think I need a rubbin' tonight
And with everybody watching from the top of the sky
A neon bolt of lightening hit me where I found my stride
I found a whole new way to love you
I've got a big suprise
I can't see your eyes but I think you'll like it too
I found a whole new way to love you
My sneeker from behind is gonna blow your mind
But if not this time, we're through
It gets lonesome in the darkness even when I dance with partners
With the DJ playing Leather and Lace
I take anything you give me 'cause I know that God forgives me
It's no accident expanse of taste
So when everyone got home I got your tail between my legs
We can talk about relationships but there's better things to fill your head with
Love and leave it, you take it when you need it
You gotta give and take, ignores the breaks
And baby, they're knocking down ways
You gotta gimme some, get some
Ooh, I found a whole new way to love you

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