Oh Yeah
What’s up World ?
It’s Master Gee and Sugar Hill Gang, Wonder Mike and diggety i’m here with my man Bob sinclar let’s do it.
Lalalala lalala lala
lalalala lalala lalalalalala

[Hen Dogg]
Back, back, back in the day when the djs spoile on night.
When the party fun, the mc’s come drop and test the mic. (oh yeah)
Don’t need to worry, don’t need to hurry the grooves are just for you (come on)
Keep it pop it and locking, breaking and rocking.
Everybody knows there aint no stopping.
Come on ya’ll get on the floor, i’m gonna take you back make you beg for more.
Aint no party like an oldschool party got an oldschool party don’t stop.
So Dj (..) and let me rock the mic.
Now throw your hands high in the air, everybody say: OH YEAH.

Lalalala lalala (Yeah just do it, do it, do it) lala
lalalala (It’s only, only, only own. I like that) lalala lalalalalala.

[Wonder Mike]
Yes, yes yo! It’s Wonder Mike and i like to rock the hell.
I’m work that body, work that body and baby just work it out (AAH).
Abidihibidihophop and don’t get stopped, let me see that body rock.
Put your afrojack kup to the side, let me hear you say ALRIGHT,
Grooves so funky furious did make you get so serious, when the people hearin’ us they starting called delirious.
Work it, let’s work it, let’s work it, work it, work it.
Now somebody, anybody, everybody SCREAM !

Lalalala lalala (Yeah just do it, do it, do it) lala
lalalala lalala lalalalalala

Now somebody, anybody, everyoby SING !

Lalalala (Tell wave your hands from side to side) lalala lala
lalalala lalala lalalalalala

[Master Gee]
1,2,3,4. Step the honor avert for the Master Gee show.
Once upon a time but not long ago when there was no rapstars on tv-shows, no moviedeal, commercials (..) starting to grow.
In them days when you cup the art, you did a sake for the money and avert for the hart.
Back then you had to be a true believer. Every (..) hang at the discofever.
Dj Flash in Hollywood.
Many happend in the streets of Manhatten.

Lalalala lalala lala
lalalala lalala lalalalalala

Lalalala lalala lala
lalalala lalala lalalalalala

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