The scream is in your head now
You don't want to be in here
The silence starts to shout
The noises will move on now
You can get on out of here
What are you wishing for?

Will you feel up to the scheme
Time is standing still
You have a two way gun
That gun is breaking in your head like a pin
Your voice is just a whispering

And will you tell the world your fears
Tell me now
Will your eyes see the brightning light
Or will they hide into the night

Your system seems to be like a rigor
It's not a real rot
What you now want to see the rising sun to make
A clean sweep of your scrape
And inside your head you visualize your plight
Still searching for the light
And you havent been completely truthful or real
I want to make you feel
The scrapes are reigning here

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