Hey Hey Hey

Im in the house x4

Yo x2
Im in the house (rpt)

Im in the house
Im in the motherfucking house
I stepped inside, I turned it out
I got these honeys screamin' oww

Yo, I walked in through the fuckin' door
I ran into DJ hey yo
Stepped to the booth and I said "yo"
Yo yo yo yo yo yo

I rock the mic and thats no secret
Im super black on the unique shit
So don't be blinkin', don't be sleepin'
Ill be Ill be our mind

You be jammin' to this beat, I rock it with ill technique
Slangin' heat like slangin' cocoa leaves while bangin' make you weak
I could beat it up repeat it back to back to back to
Directly rock the dance floor coz I'm super super black

Im in the house x4

I rock the place
I rock the place thats pumpin' bass
That kind of bass that make it shake
That seismic frequency that make that earthquake

Lets go
Lets go loco and lose control
Hey yo keep rockin' that electro

Chillin' in the house like a
Bloody beat roots rockin ill frequencies

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