The fires are burning in another land,
Don't start counting, don't start counting.
Colder and colder, the ice is moving closer
And it gets me down.
Going round and round and down the same old track.

Pack on my back, going swiftly nowhere,
Heart in my ear beating like a drum.
Where will you go?

All by yourself.
(Hah, hah, hah, hah, hah, hah.)

And now I'm standing on the corner.
Waiting in the rain,
But then in sunlight without warning,
I invent a name,
Me and Sarah Jane,
We had a special thing going,
Me and Sarah Jane.

It was a time of love and laughter,
It wouldn't come again,
We had our round of joy but after,
Then began the pain,
Me and Sarah Jane.
We had a special thing going,
Me and Sarah Jane,
Sarah Jane.

Searching for a clue.
Traces on the sand.
First I'm flying, going round round round,
Then I'm sliding going down down down,
Doesn't matter where I start I always end up
Falling through those same old crowded rooms.

Me and Sarah Jane,
We had it coming
All the pain,
Walking down the streets,
And finding nothing is the same,
And now the city lights are dimming one by one,
It costs too much money to keep them all on.

Me and Sarah Jane,
In silence walk along the shore,
Tears of joy and mocking laughter,
Words lost in the wind.
The tide was rising,
But there we stayed,
We had no fear of dying
We weren't afraid.

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