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Against All Odds (Feat. Mariah Carey)
Amazing (Single Mix)
Another World
As Love Is My Witness
Beautiful World
Bop Bop Baby (Single Remix)
Flying Without Wings
Flying Without Wings
Fool Again (2000 Remix)
Hey Whatever
How to Break a Heart
I have a dream
I Have A Dream (Remix)
I'll See You Again
If I Let You Go
Last Mile Of the Way
More Than Words
My Love
My Love (Radio Edit)
No More Heroes
Obvious (Single Remix)
Queen Of My Heart
Reach Out
Seasons in the sun
Sound of a Broken Heart
Swear It Again
Talk Me Down
The Difference
The Rose
Unbreakable (Single Remix)
Uptown Girl
What About Now
What About Now (2011 Remix)
What Makes A Man (Single Remix)
When you're looking like that
Where We Are
Wide Open
World of Our Own
World Of Our Own (Single Remix)
You Raise Me Up

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