I met her in a truckstop
In some little Texas town
She just looked up from the counter
Surprised that anyone would come around
Just another boring day Out on the Interstate Highway

She said "Hey you guys where are you heading to?
Try some of my Mexican stew!"
I said "I guess we'll take anything as long as it's served by you"

She was a sweetheart
If there ever was one
She was a sweetheart
But we were havin' all the fun

I said "If you have the time come and keep us company" She said "Time is the one thing
that always comes plenty to me - by the way are you on your own
or did you leave someone like someone just left me
She was a sweetheart...

On saturday nights She spent all her time
'Round the wishingwheel
Drinkin' beers Throwing coins and curses On almost anything
But there is one thing I could tell
One night she went to the wheel
Collected the coins and drank up Everybody's dreams

She said "I was married twicebut we blew it all up!
And now I'm hanging around with the last single man in this town
And if anything is happening anywhere he and I - We'll be the ones to care"

She was a sweetheart...
She was a sweetheart...

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