Always you will be part of me
And I will forever feel your strength
When I need it most

You池e gone now, gone but not forgotten
I can稚 say this to your face
But I know you hear


I値l see you again
You never really left
I feel you walk beside me
I know I値l see you again

When I知 lost, when I知 missing you like crazy
I tell myself I知 so blessed
To have had you in my life, my life


When I had the time to tell you
Never thought I壇 live to see the day
When the words I should have said
Would come to haunt me
In my darkest hour I tell myself
I値l see you again

Chorus x 2

I will see you again
I値l see you again
I miss you like crazy
You池e gone but not forgotten
I値l never forget you
Someday I値l see you again
I feel you walk beside me
Never leave you, yeah
Gone but not forgotten
I feel you by my side

No this is not goodbye x 3

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