(Intro Ė Drake)
Yeah, yeah

(Chorus Ė Drake)
Dropped outta school now we dumb rich, dumb rich
This sound like some forty three, oh-one s**t, one s**t
All my ni**as wanna do is pop style, pop style
Turn my birthday into a lifestyle, lifestyle

(Verse 1 Ė Drake)
Tell my mom I love her if I do not make it, do not make it
Got so many chains they call me Chaining Tatum
They do, they do
And I like to finish what you think you started
Man you boys just got to Hollywood, you boys just started
You donít know what you just started
All I do is hang with the young and heartless
All this is for my family, man, I try my hardest
Itís all I ever did and look where it got him
Yeah, youíve been on my mind lately
Youíve still got my number, girl you need to call me
I feel like they wanna see me learn the hard way
But you know I always handle that one my way
Girl let me rock, rock, rock, rock, rock your body
Justin Timberlake and then I hit the highway
I canít trust no f**king body
They still out to get me cause they never got me

(Verse 2 Ė Kanye West & Jay-Z (as The Throne)
They still out to get me, they donít get it
I can not be got, and thatís a given
They like Pablo, why are all the windows tinted on your Tahoe?
Why do you know every single bi**h that I know?
Why canít you just shut your mouth and take the high road?
F**k if I know, thatís that Chicago, aye
South, south, side, thatís the motto, aye
Cop a crib and spend ten million on remodel
Take the devils out my life and preach the gospel, cause I know
We went way, way past the line of scrimmage, aye
Throne is back up in it, aye
In the field like Emmitt, aye, yíall get so offended, aye
I be blacking out, I ainít backing out
Jay about his business, and Iímma let you finish but I
I just, I just, I just, I just wanna rock your body
Take you to the garage and do some karate
Chop it, chop it, chop it, chop it sipping sake
Throw a thick bi**h on a Kawasaki

(Repeat Chorus)

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