Hi there people
You know me

I used to run a little joint called Germany.
I was number one
The people's choice
And everybody listened to my mighty voice.
My name is Adolf
I'm on the mike.
I'm gonna hip you to the story of the New Third Reich.
It all began down in Munich town and pretty soon
The word started gettin' around.
So I said to Martin Boorman
I said
Hey Marty, why don't we throw a little nazi party?
We had an election
Kinda sorta
And before you knew it hello
New order.
To all those mothers in the fatherland I said
Achtung, Baby, I got me a plan
'YVhatcha got Adolf? Whatcha gonna do?"
I said "how about this one
World War Two?"

To be or not to be
Oh baby
Can't you see

We're gonna take it to the top. You're making history
And it feels so good to me
Ooh darlin'
Please don't ever stop.
Don't be stupid; be a smarty
Come on and join the nazi party - party.
Like humpty dumpty offa that wall

All the little countries they began to fall
The troops were rockin' and the tanks were rollin'

We were swingin' along with a song in our hearts.
And "Deutschland über alles" was making the charts

We had a new step called a goosestep we were dancing to.
It's sorta kinda like a German boogaloo

I was gettin' what I wanted
But it wasn't enough.
So I called the boys
I said boys
Get though

Now I surrounded myself with some unusual cats.
There was skinny little Göbbels and Göring mister fats

And let's not forget ole Himmler and Hess.
You'd better believe we made a hell of a mess

Say Heil - Heil - siegety Heil
We gonna whip it on the people teutonic style
To be or not to be
Oh baby
Can't you see

We're gonna make it to the top. You are our destiny

This thing was meant to be
Why don't we do it till we drop?
Say you boots ain't black and shirt ainY brown?
Get back Jack
You can't get down. Do it
Do it.
I drank wine from the Rhine with the finest ladies

And we did it in the back of my black Mercedes.

I was on a roll
I couldn't lose
Then came D-day
The birth of the blues.
The Yanks and the Brits started raising cain

Those guys were the pits
I was goin' insane.
People all around me started swallowing pills

Let's face it
We was going downhill.
Berlin was crumbling
We was under the gun

Time to look out for number one.
So I grabbed a blonde and a case of beer

Say the Russians are commin'
Lets get out of here.

To be or not to be
Oh honey
Can't you see

We had to take it to the top. You sure made history
And it felt so good to me
Oh schatze

Please don't ever stop.

Auf wiedersehn
Good to've seen ya

I got a one way ticket to Argentina.
To be or not to be
Oh baby
Can't you see

We've got to take it to the top. You're makin' history
And it feels so good to me

Why don't we do it till we drop?
We have ways of making you dance . . .
- Sprechen Sie Argentinian ?

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