Well I wandered around after hours of words
And i waited in vain here for weeks
The ghost of the girlfriend thats here in my room
I can still smell her perfume in my sheets
But that's not her in my bed, no she's out on the town
And I don't want anyone to see
There's a tattoo of my name on her body but honestly
The man holding her hand isn't me

Oh honey how could you regret me,
when you cant even forget me,
babe it's ok to say that you love me
I think of you, still think of you
ohhh its Ok, to say that you love me, I think of you, still thinking of you

I thought that once you've had, one you'd had every woman
Until I lost this legendary woman, now I'm sure
That they don't make'em like her anymore
So please baby, please lover

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