Oh there's a funny light in the stars tonight
You and I were right
All the factories, all the memories have changed
Will you work it out
Will you see that I'm going no where else
I don't know where you think you;ll start again
But I, I know in all we've said
I finally know how it began
It's nothing I can even explain

Do we begin tonight, is it a righteous fight
The sentiment's not right
Will you work it out, will you sell it all to find me
All the weapons are finally coming out
Now you see that I only wanted to have it out with you

Remember our love warm in the coldest light you see
You see what you want and you break it off
Find it somewhere else
You say that our love can't be a pattern in your palm
You say that our love, you say that our love
is only mapped

Oh look above you now
There’s a heavy cloud, hanging over us
All the factories, all infirmaries, are closed
Do you wake at night
Wishing you'd relied on someone else
I don't know what you think you'll find again
But I, I know in all weve said
I've finally found where I'll begin
It's somewhere I can't even explain

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