Oh I can hear you breathing, you're picking up my scent
You're trying to hunt me down in the hope that I'll give in
But I know these tracks better than I know you ever could
You’re breathing down my neck but it will only make me win

Nobody wanted this, not after all these years

Still the darkness draws us deeper in just like a trap
But now I've got you here I'll never lead you back
For the garden’s end is where wilderness begins
You dug a hole for me that I'll bury you in

And if you raise the dead now, I might lead you back
And if you cut your hair, I might leave a map

Nobody wanted this, not after all these years
Nobody noticed you but now they’re on to you
You say you'll have the last laugh

But the winter's comin' and the snow will cover tracks
And I'll be watching 'cause I'm hunting you

And nobody's buying it, not after all these years
'Cause somebody's noticed you and now I'm on to you

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